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Tarradiddle Tales

Preschool Experience

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Sat. Feb. 4 - 11 am
Sat. Feb. 4 - 1 pm
Sun. Feb. 5 - 2 pm

This production has closed. For upcoming productions click here.

Tarradiddle Tales
Tarradiddle Players Preschool Show

Adapted by Flora B. Atkin

Feb. 4-5, 2012 • Wells Fargo Playhouse
Front Orchestra $12 / General Section $10

In Tarradiddle Tales, three actors explore four folk tales from different countries: “The Magic Tree,” a Bantu folk tale; “Peter the Fool,” a Danish story; “Spider Talk,” an Anansi story from Ghana; and “Tiger Trap,” from India. This playful show for preschoolers emphasizes storytelling and audience participation.

One Act • For Ages 3-5
Best enjoyed by Preschool ages


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