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Access and Inclusion | Sensory-Friendly Performances

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Children's Theatre of Charlotte offers a sensory-friendly performance for each of our Mainstage productions, modified for families and friends with children or adults who are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or other sensitivity issues. 

Children's Theatre of Charlotte trains all staff to meet the needs of those attending. Before attending the performances, families can walk through virtual tours online and get to know ImaginOn’s public space including the interior of the McColl Family Theatre and the Wells Fargo Playhouse. Parents can download a variety of resources to help them prepare their family for the show.

At the performance, theatre lighting and sound will be softened and the house lights will dim but stay on. Guests will also have extra room in the house to move around as needed during the performance. Quiet spaces, fidgets and headphones will also be available.

SFP Guides

Download sensory-friendly performance guides for each production to help you prepare for the show.

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Resource Guides

Learn more about the show with these handy educational resource guides.

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Visitor's Guide
Download our visitor's guide to aid your family in exploring ImaginOn.

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Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of ImaginOn and our two theatres to help your child prepare for his or her visit.

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Julie Higginbotham of Precious Developments has worked as our consultant in the creation and preparation for our sensory-friendly performances. We're grateful for this valued partnership.

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