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Commedia Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Study Guide Activities

Jan. 14 to Jan. 28, 2017
Wells Fargo Playhouse
Recommended for ages 4 and older

Written by Nicole B. Adkins


Safety Zone (recommended Grade K-2)
Meet the safety team and learn what to do when meeting a stranger! Other activities include pool safety and dealing with bullies.

Meet the Safety Team

NCES-HealthEd.K.ICR.1.3: Summarize protective behaviors to use when approached by strangers.
Teaching Kids About Stranger Danger (for parents and teachers)
Read this helpful article by Amy Peterson about how to start a conversation with a young person about how to stay safe.

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With Feeling (recommended Grade K-4)
Emotional literacy is a critical component of student development. Students who experience emotional or behavioral challenges often struggle to be successful in school settings. This hands-on visual arts and theatre integrated curriculum will allow teachers to explore various techniques for teaching and developing social/emotional skills through the visual arts including mask making.

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NCES-HealthEd.(K-2).MEH.1: Understand the relationship among healthy expression of emotions, mental health, and healthy behavior.
NCES-HealthEd.(3-4).MEH.2: Understand the relationship between healthy expression of emotions, mental health, and healthy behavior.