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School of Theatre Training (SOTT) is a comprehensive 20-week program for studying the skills and techniques of acting and musical theatre. Class offerings vary at every age level, guaranteeing there is an entry point for your student in our SOTT progression of classes. Our curriculum is structured around the Stanislavski System, a method of performing truthfully onstage through a created set of imaginary circumstances. Telling an authentic story is our mission, and our teaching artists provide the tools to tell that story, and meet the students “right where they are” in their development. Scroll right on mobile devices to view the rest of the table.
We offer two tracks of study.
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Track Eligibility Class Class Class Class
Open Enrollment Open to anyone Foundations Core Focus  
Conservatory By audition only New Works Young Company Company Pre-Professional Company

Enrollment for 2017-18 SOTT Classes is now closed. Information below explains each program area. Registration for our 2018-19 SOTT Classes will open in early spring of 2018.
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  Open Enrollment | No audition required


Open Enrollment: Foundations

Grades 3 to 12 | Tuition: $400/class

Students entering the SOTT program develop the fundamental techniques of actor training in a fun, yet professional, environment with a strong focus on ensemble work.

  • Connecting the physical, vocal and emotional
  • Empowering students to make bold artistic choices
  • Stanislavski Basics (Motivation/Objectives/The Magic “If”)

Locations: ImaginOn, Huntersville, South Charlotte (Charlotte Country Day Middle School)


Open Enrollment: Core

Grades 4 to 12 | Tuition: $400/class

Students who have completed a Foundations class and understand Stanislavski Basics begin working with scripted materials. Students are introduced to the business of acting and receive a professional headshot for use.

  • Auditioning (cold readings/prepared audition pieces)
  • Movement for the actor (Acting)/ Choreography basics (Musical Theatre)
  • Stanislavski Intermediates (text analysis/beats of action/method of physical action)

Locations: ImaginOn, South Charlotte (Charlotte Country Day Middle School)


Open Enrollment: Focus

Grades 5 to 12 | Tuition: $400/class

Students who have completed a Core class take specialized concentrations in areas of acting and musical theatre that vary from year to year. These classes offer continued enrichment in the development of the young performer.

  • Building the Audition Book: (Acting) This class is will focus on creating an audition book for the young actor with published material tailored to his/her strengths. Using material from both classical and contemporary genres, there will be an integration of monologue coaching and overall audition preparation, taking students through mock casting scenarios.
  • Acting Schools & Tools: (Acting) Students will receive theatre training in a pre-conservatory structure that touches on the contemporary acting methods founded by famous teachers of the 20th century while working with age appropriate material and open scenes. This methodology will be applied to scene study, furthering the young actor with confidence, strong choices and physical awareness.
  • Creating Show Stopping Numbers: (Musical Theatre) This class will incorporate voice, acting and movement into musical theatre numbers. Students will work on the interpretation and presentation of musical theatre performance with an emphasis on group selections while building character relationships within the ensemble.
  • Singing the Lead: (Musical Theatre) The focus of this course will be geared towards lead solo songs from the musical theatre genre. The advanced curriculum will delve into challenging selections that require both acting and vocal strength. With less of a focus on ensemble work, this course is designed for students wanting in depth vocal training and individual acting through the song.

Locations: ImaginOn


  Conservatory | Enrollment by audition only

NOTE: Audition information for our 2018-19 Conservatory SOTT classes will be posted in early 2018, and Registration links will appear below. Information below will give you a sense of the various programs included under Conservatory.

Conservatory: New Works

Grades 5 to 12 | Tuition: $400/class

Students work on the development of a new play or musical with a professional creative team and tour the production throughout the community.

Mandatory dates for this class include: Jan. 13, 27, Feb. 3, 10, 24. Tour Dates will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 3, 10 and 17.

Location: ImaginOn


Conservatory: Young Company

Grades 5 to 8  | Tuition: $450/class

Students train in a conservatory-style setting, rotating between acting, dance and voice classes. This collaborative method will emphasize training of the whole actor with a deeper integration of all the skills needed to develop the students’ craft. The specialized focus will also bring awareness to the students’ individual areas of needed growth. There is an expectation of additional work outside of class, including script reading and extensive memorization.

Location: ImaginOn


Conservatory: Company

Grades 8 to 12 | Tuition: $450/class

Students continue to develop their skill sets through an exploration of classical training, a key component of student work. These classes are taught by the same professional teaching artists as our Pre-Professional Company, and a student may spend multiple years in this class before being recommended to advance. There is an expectation of additional work outside of class, including script reading and extensive memorization. Students should arrive warmed-up and ready to begin work. As an added benefit, students will have three private half-hour coaching sessions (included in tuition) during the year in a subject area determined by the professional teaching artist. Company offers two separate classes: Acting Company and Musical Theatre Company.

Location: ImaginOn


Conservatory: Pre-Professional Company

Grades 9 to 12 | Tuition: $500/class

Students will explore both acting and musical theatre, as well as a variety of advanced systems and methods in a college preparatory setting with practical application in the professional theatre world. This class serves as a culmination in our SOTT students’ training, and it cultivates the students’ individual artistic voices and explores how their unique perspectives contribute to the broader work of the ensemble. There is an expectation of additional work outside of class as assigned by the professional teaching artists. Students should arrive warmed-up and ready to begin work.

Location: ImaginOn


Participation in Mainstage productions

Students enrolled in the previous year will have the “first-look” audition for the following year’s professional Mainstage productions. Check back for details this spring.

Dance Classes and Private Voice Lessons

The Broadway Dancer's Warmup - for beginning dance students

Grades 5-12
Tuition: $250

10-Week Session - Jan. 20 to Mar. 24
1.5 hours each week - Saturdays 9 am to 10:30 am

In this beginner-level dance experience, you'll have a blast as you open your minds and free your body! Set your foundation for Musical Theatre chorus and lead roles. Warm up with simple barre work combining ballet, jazz, modern and musical theatre styles. Curriculum includes coordination/strength/stretch work, isolations, floor work, Abs, stretches and across-the-floor exercises. Learn how to break down dance combinations for “no-fear” auditions. You may learn a whole show piece by the time you're through!
Teaching Artist - Mavis Scully

Registration Closed

The American Dance Machine - for intermediate/advanced dance students

Grades 5-12
Tuition: $250

10-Week Session - Jan. 20 to Mar. 24
1.5 hours each week - Saturdays 10:30 am to Noon

We divide this intermediate/advanced-level dance class into two sections:
First five weeks: Learn the source of theatre dance through the vehicle of American social dance from 1910 to the late 1960s. Each week students will dance through a different decade, learn about musicals produced during that time and work on a combination using all the elements. Examples: Maxixe, Castle Walk, Fox Trot, Lindy, Charleston, Rhumba, Jitterbug, Mashed Potato.
Second five weeks: Each week students will focus on techniques of a Broadway cornerstone like: Jack Cole, Gene Kelly, Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, Agnes DeMille and Michael Bennett. Learn the stories of each choreographer and their shows. A focus on incorporating acting into dance will challenge students to learn and perform short pieces using original choreography from shows like, Singin’ in the Rain and West Side Story.
 Teaching Artist - Mavis Scully

Registration Closed

Private Voice Lessons - for all experience levels

Grades 5-12
Tuition: $250

Students receive five half hour private lessons with one of Children's Theatre of Charlotte's professional Teaching Artists. Students will focus on learning healthy singing, perfecting audition pieces and diving deep into their own voice abilities. Private voice lessons are a great way for students to receive one-on-one training with a vocal performance professional whether they're new to singing or need more advanced coaching. Scroll right on mobile devices to view the rest of the table.

Offered in five-week blocks, starting Oct. 7, Nov. 11, Jan. 20 and Feb. 24. Each lesson is 30 minutes, and lesson slots run from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

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