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Children's Theatre of Charlotte 2018-19 Touring Productions

We're proud to present these touring productions to you.

What we offer...
  • High-quality productions of classics, musicals and new works performed by professional actors
  • Competitive pricing structure with savings available on multiple bookings
  • Convenient set up including load-in, assembly and breakdown by the actors
  • Flexible at performing in various venues (gyms, multi-purpose rooms and other “non-stage” spaces)
  • Comprehensive curriculum guide for teachers with pre-show and post-show activities
The Lion and the Little Red Bird

The Lion and the Little Red Bird

Recommended for ages 3-5

Tour available Oct. 8 through Nov. 16, 2018

Prices start at $495 per performance

Written and Illustrated by Elisa Kleven | Adapted for the stage by Nicole B. Adkins
This delightful play tells the story of an inquisitive bird and a compassionate lion, an unlikely friendship to say the least. Why does Lion’s tail keep changing colors? Little Red Bird’s curiosity is piqued, and she sets out to unravel the mystery! Preschoolers will love this charming story, told with a mix of actors and puppets -- perfect for this young age.

Themes | The Lion and the Little Red Bird focuses on the value of friendship and good will while exploring the relationship of art and nature.

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Spelling 2-5-5


Recommended for K - 5th grade

Tour available Sept. 2018 through May 2019

Prices start at $995 per performance

By Mike Kenny
Using simple, innocent language perfect for young theatre-goers, our reimagined version of the classic tale takes on new life and a softer message in a beautifully adapted and visually moving story.
Nan so loves her adopted daughter, Rapunzel, that she builds her a wonderful tower to keep her safe from the dangers of the world. As Rapunzel grows, she and Nan argue as Rapunzel tests boundaries and seeks independence. Rapunzel wishes to see the world, so Nan builds the tower higher so Rapunzel can see clear to the horizon. One day, Rapunzel meets a young boy named Rafi and as their friendship grows, Rapunzel gains the courage to leave the tower and seek adventure beyond the walls she calls home. Nan, at first afraid that Rapunzel will not return, lets her go, and through her selflessness learns an important lesson of her own.

Themes | Rapunzel focuses on the parent/child relationship as it tests the boundaries of love, trust, perseverance and independence.

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Spelling 2-5-5

Spelling 2-5-5

Recommended for 3rd - 8th grade

Tour available Sept. 2018 through May 2019

Prices start at $995 per performance

By Jennifer Overton
Have you ever wanted to be a star? Simon’s a terrific speller, and now he has a chance to shine as a contestant on a televised spelling bee. Simon’s brother, Jake, who has autism, unwittingly reveals he’s also a gifted speller in a way that’s uniquely his. Sibling rivalry takes center stage as Simon faces choices about his role as the protective big brother and his desire to gain celebrity status.

Themes | Spelling 2-5-5 takes a poignant look at bullying, inclusion, compassion and what it means to have empathy for others.

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For questions or more information on booking a touring production, contact:
Margot Parrott
Touring Performance Coordinator
What Audiences Are Saying...

Love the diversity of the show!
- Benton Heights Elementary (Monroe, NC)

As Arts Coordinator for a school district, I love most that the entire presentation is self-sufficient.
-  Lancaster County Schools (SC)

I was amazed by this 4 person show!!
- James Love Elementary (Shelby, NC)

Performers were exceptional and a joy to work with.
- Jacksonville Arts Council (NC)

Performance was seamless … captivating actors!
- Morris Grove Elementary (Chapel Hill, NC)

My students are still talking about the production. We bought copies of the book for them to read.
- Midway School (Lexington, NC)

Amazing show! Things were well organized and the time frame was just right too!
- Stallings Elementary (Stallings, NC)

It was a joy to hear their squeals and laughter.
- Open Door School (Charlotte, NC)

Engaged our littlest friends with humor. Good lesson about being kind.
- Heathwood Hall (Columbia, SC)