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Our school has no stage … would this keep us from having you perform?
Our touring company is very proficient at using gyms, cafetoriums, and other non-stage space for their performances. Their adaptability remains one of their main selling points.
What about sound? Our space is very large and it’s hard to hear when all of our students are in attendance.
We tour with our own state-of-the-art sound/microphone system, which can be adapted for any size space. Actors wear wireless microphones to make sure the entire audience can hear the show.
We have different age groups that we would like to target for performances. How can we get the most for our money for our whole school?
The company can do two different shows in one day to accommodate different age groups. The shows should be separated by lunch to allow for the tear down and set up of second show by the actors.
Are there grants available that would help us with the cost of the performance?
Many venues use local Arts Councils to help with their funding. We leave that up to the discretion of the sponsor, but we welcome working with the specific arts organizations to facilitate this.
Are there any hidden costs other than the prices mentioned here?
No. Everything is all inclusive from hotels and food for the actors, to gasoline and transportation for the sets, props, and costumes.
How far do you travel for performances?
We like to say “from Murphy to Manteo” in North Carolina, and various places throughout South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. Our Touring Performance Coordinator can work with you to help find the best time and the best rate for those places that are outside of our general area.
Could the actors answer questions from our audience after a performance?
We welcome interaction between the audience and the actors, but only upon request.
Is there a contract that completes the agreement between the resident touring company and the sponsor?
Yes, there is a detailed contract, and we generally ask for a small deposit to secure the booking.
Is there a reduced rate for “block” bookings?
Yes, our Touring Performance Coordinator will gladly work with you to secure a reduced rate for multi-bookings.
Is the Preschool Tour performed by the same company?
No, there are two different companies. One is specifically for the preschool tour and has two to three actors, the main repertory company has four actors.

Touring Performance Sales Coordinator
Margot Parrott