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We're proud to present these touring productions to you.

What we offer...
  • High-quality productions of classics, musicals and new works performed by professional actors
  • Competitive pricing structure with savings available on multiple bookings
  • Convenient set up including load-in, assembly and breakdown by the actors
  • Flexible at performing in various venues (gyms, multi-purpose rooms and other “non-stage” spaces)
  • Comprehensive curriculum guide for teachers with pre-show and post-show activities


Tour available Feb. 3 - Mar. 13
Prices start at $495 per performance

Recommended for ages 2 and older

By Barry Kornhauser
A single balloon lifts the spirits of a solitary man in this sweet story for preschoolers.
A mischievous balloon finds its way into the home of a solitary old man, and suddenly his curmudgeonly life is interrupted. Sweet, inventive and packed with physical comedy, this play explores the power of friendship and shows how, with a little imagination and acceptance, companionship can be found in the most unlikely of places.
Themes: friendship, imagination, acceptance

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The Invisble Boy

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

Tour available Sept. 2019 through May 2020
Prices start at $995 per performance

Recommended for K - 5th grade

A musical comedy by Robert Kauzlaric, Paul Gilvary and William Rush
Based on the books by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith
There are three sides to every story. Theirs. His. And the truth.
You know the story. Three pigs build houses, the one who builds with bricks avoids the Big Bad Wolf and lives to tell the tale. But is that what really happened, or just porcine propaganda? In this brilliant parody of the famous fairy tale, we follow the Big Bad Wolf as he stands trial for his purported deeds. He has his own version of the story – and the audience becomes the jury, helping decide his fate: guilty or not guilty! Based on John Scieszka’s wildly popular book, this courtroom-farce-meets-musical is sure to please…it would be a crime to miss it!
Themes: differing viewpoints, jumping to conclusions

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Accidental Friends

Tour available Sept. 2019 through May 2020
Prices start at $995 per performance

Recommended for 3rd - 8th grade

By Y York
Jonathan Small sits in his hospital room recovering from a head injury, bandages covering his eyes. He can’t see but it’s very clear that his friends are not there and no one has come to see him. That is, until, he receives a surprise visit from classmate Hilda, the geeky, overachiever from a different social circle. She challenges Jonathan to join her on a sightless adventure around the room; and within the walls of the hospital, the two form a fast friendship. But when Jonathan is discharged, he returns to his group of friends, ignoring Hilda, and setting a chain of events in motion that affects them all. This smartly-written drama explores the dynamics of friendships formed, lost and regained.
Themes: acceptance, inclusion, influence, friendship

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Margot Parrott

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Margot Parrott
Touring Performance Coordinator
What Audiences Are Saying...

Love the diversity of the show!
- Benton Heights Elementary (Monroe, NC)

As Arts Coordinator for a school district, I love most that the entire presentation is self-sufficient.
-  Lancaster County Schools (SC)

I was amazed by this 4 person show!!
- James Love Elementary (Shelby, NC)

Performers were exceptional and a joy to work with.
- Jacksonville Arts Council (NC)

Performance was seamless … captivating actors!
- Morris Grove Elementary (Chapel Hill, NC)

My students are still talking about the production. We bought copies of the book for them to read.
- Midway School (Lexington, NC)

Amazing show! Things were well organized and the time frame was just right too!
- Stallings Elementary (Stallings, NC)

It was a joy to hear their squeals and laughter.
- Open Door School (Charlotte, NC)

Engaged our littlest friends with humor. Good lesson about being kind.
- Heathwood Hall (Columbia, SC)