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Two of our 2018-19 Season productions were part of The Kindness Project. The Invisible Boy will be produced as part of our 2019-20 Season. Click these links for details on each production.
Last Stop on Market Street A Sick Day for Amos McGee The Invisible Boy


What is The Kindness Project?

The Kindness Project is an initiative from Children’s Theatre of Charlotte to develop and commission original plays for young audiences that are grounded in actively displaying kindness toward others. So far, Children’s Theatre of Charlotte has commissioned The Last Stop on Market Street, A Sick Day for Amos McGee and The Invisible Boy as part of The Kindness Project.

Why did Children’s Theatre of Charlotte start The Kindness Project?

Hostility, it seems, is everywhere. It’s yelling from our TV screens, drowning out others on our social media feeds and darkening many of our conversations. We want to help bring kindness front and center (stage) with a new multiyear endeavor.

How can I get involved with The Kindness Project?

As The Kindness Project blossoms, grows and spreads far and wide, there will be multiple ways for you to help! We've created The Kindness Project bracelets we hope you'll wear and post to your favorite social media platform with a note about how you've woven kindness into your life. Use #CTCKindnessProject so we can share the photos too!